Series of the month


The Photo of the Month is the best journalistic photograph which portrays an important event of the past month. It aims to draw attention to the work of professional photographers over the course of the entire year. We actively monitor photography across media and we want to show the public the best examples of photojournalism which have been produced for newspapers, websites or agencies. We decided to include series of the moth in 2021, because project or series of pictures are crucial visual testimony for Czech photography field.

The Series of the Month is regularly chosen by the Czech Photo Administrative and Supervisory Board. The 12 winning series for the entire year will be declared at an official award ceremony and will become a part of the exhibition collection and exhibition catalogue.

The winning photographs are regularly published on the website

Czech Press Photo is a umbrella platform for journalistic photography, and it organises contests and exhibitions to show appreciation for the work which Czech and Slovak photographers create. We mustn’t neglect the natural development which journalism is going through. Last year, a photograph taken on a mobile phone won the Czech Press Photo, and this triggered an outcry amongst some photographers. Modern technology needs to be considered within the whole context of journalism. Photographs taken by a mobile phone can also be of high quality, but the author’s entire presentation should not be based on them. Josef Koudelka claims that there is only one photography: that which arouses emotions and forces the viewer to think. The border between art and journalistic photography is often blurred, and Koudelka’s work is a good example of this. Many shots and photographs need time and space. Despite all its qualities, photography, like other arts, is subjective.

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