Results 2018

The best nature photograph this year was the image "Under the Ice" by Rostislav Štefánek, as decided by the international jury of the Czech Nature Photo competition. The jury chose from a total of nine categories. The winners were announced at a ceremony on 19 April at the Czech Photo Centre.

"The jury unanimously agreed that the photograph of the year "Under the Ice" combines a sense of artistic conception of photography and composition with excellent technical quality and impressiveness of the subject in an exceptional way," says Michal Krause, chairman of the Czech Nature Photo jury. According to the author, the winning photograph was a work of chance. It was taken during spring diving in the flooded quarry Výkleky near Přerov, which was almost entirely under ice. Thanks to their knowledge of the location, together with photographer Viktor Vrbovský, they went to the flooded tree where the lone pike was hiding."

See also the nominees for the 2018 winners.

Winning photos

The Mammals

czech nature photo nominace savci – Jiří Karbus

Jiří Karbus

In the glass of the ocean. - A bottlenose dolphin swims beneath the surface of the perfectly calm ocean off the coast of the Canary Islands.

Birds (wild)

czech nature photo nominace ptáci – Martin Tomáš

Martin Tomáš

Railway worker - I've been thinking of a night shot of the life of Czech titties at the train station for a long time. What's the owl railwayman signalling? The light is blue, which means no movement. Ústí region, Czech Republic.

Reptiles, amphibians and underwater life (wild)

czech nature photo nominace plazi obojživelníci podvodní život Rostislav Štefánek

Rostislav Štefánek

Under the Ice - In freezing winters, everything alive is hidden underwater and protected by a thick ice roof. Few creatures are active during this period. Among the hardy ones are the pike, which ruthlessly scour the ice for weak or sick fish.

Invertebrates (insects, crustaceans, molluscs and other wildlife)

czech nature photo nominace bezobratlí - František Dulík

František Dulík

Last fighter - The photo of the ant silhouette was taken early in the morning, when the light of the sunrise created a beautiful tobacco atmosphere in the background.

The Czech Forests

czech nature photo nominace český les – Josef Bosák

Josef Bosák

Misty morning in the Beskids.

The Czech Farmland and Rural Areas

czech nature photo nominace české zemědělství venkov - Jana Mašterová

Jana Mašterová

Combed land - Gracefully smoothed earth after autumn work.

Animals in human care

czech nature photo nominace zvířata v lidské péči – ROman Vodička

Roman Vodička

Slávek - One of the iconic animals of Prague Zoo is the hippopotamus Slávek. A photograph of him has been circulating around the world, when during a flood in 2002 he was trapped in the Large Mammal Pavilion and broke one of the windows while trying to get out. If you ask the keepers what will make him happy, they will say without hesitation, Chinese cabbage and water sprayed from a hose. At that moment he opens his huge mouth, opens his eyes and lets the stream of water massage his massive gums.

Wildlife in Prague - special category announced by the Prague City Council

czech nature photo nominace Příroda v Praze - Petr Kocourek

Petr Kocourek

Swan queen - A foggy morning by the Vltava River on Prague's Janáček Embankment.

Best Photograph of Czech Wildlife and Countryside - special category, whose partner is the administration of the Krkonoše National Park

czech nature photo nominace Cena za nejlepší fotografii české přírody - Václav Bystřický

Václav Bystřický

Marsh frog - Spring is finally here! Czech Republic, Svojšín.

Czech Photo Special Award
Vladimír Čech ml.

Czech forest inhabitants taken using a camera trap

Czech Photo Junior Award
Oliver Josek

Greedy ogres - Swallows in the middle of May feeding their hungry necks.

Jakub Klíma

Reflection - Is it me...?

Mojmír Ševčík

Pelican - Breakfast on the water...

Czech Nature Photo Audience Award

czech nature photo vítěz Cena diváků výstavy Czech Nature Photo - Vladimír Čech

Vladimír Čech


Lidé a Země magazine Readers' Choice Award

czech nature photo vítěz Cena čtenářů magazínu Lidé a Země - Mojmír Ševčík

Mojmír Ševčík