Results 2022

The international jury met in the Czech Photo Center gallery to select the nominated and winning films of the sixth year of the competition. For the second year in a row, the Czech Photo Junior competition for schoolchildren and students is being held in parallel with the competition for photographers of wildlife. 250 participants signed up for Czech Nature Photo and sent almost 2,300 photos. Students and schoolchildren applied even more - a total of 272 young authors sent almost 1,500 images.


Photography of the Year
Photographer of the year: Vít Lukáš


Mammals (in the wild)
1st place: Petr Dolejšek

A Wolf in a Snowdrift

2nd place: Michal Stoklasa

Morning Cleaning

3rd place: Vladimír Čech ml.

Sumatran Serow

Birds (in the wild)
1st place: Jan Molinský

In the nest

2nd place: Jiří Fejkl

Eurasian Pygmy Owl

3rd place: Petr Dolejšek

A Great Crested Grebe at Daybreak

Reptiles, amphibians, and underwater life (in the wild)
1st place: Petr Bambousek


2nd place: Tomáš Klacek

Salamander Larva

3rd place: Pavlíček Jan

Night Hunter

Invertebrates (insects, crustaceans, mollusks, and others – in the wild)
1st place: Vít Lukáš

Disappearing Pollinators

2nd place: Petr Bambousek


3rd place: Petr Šípek

The Midgets and the Giant

Plants and fungi (in the wild)
1st place: Lukáš Veselý

A Tower of Jewels

2nd place: Michal Lučanský

A Mosaic of Colors – Nymphaea Alba – The White Water-Lily

3rd place: Paulína Gieciová

Mysterious Morning

1st place: Daniel Franc

A Fiery Dragon

2nd place: Daniel Franc

První sníh

3rd place: Jiří Benda


Animals in human care
1st place: Vlasta Štochlová


2nd place: Ondřej Chvátal

Corsac Fox (Vulpes Corsac)

3rd place: Petr Bambousek

In Safety

Prize for the best photograph of Czech nature
1st place: Vít Lukáš


2nd place: Jaromír Daněk

Red Kite

3rd place: Martin Pelánek

A Winter Hunt

Animals in their environment
1st place: Václav Šilha

Flamingos in a Flooded Forest in Nakuru National Park – Kenya

2nd place: Jakub Hodáň

An Afternoon Break

3rd place: Petr Bambousek

Toucans by Their Nest

1st place: Vladimír Čech ml.

“The Wild One” from Doupov

2nd place: Martin Veselý


3rd place: Jaroslav Hora


Czech Photo special award for an extraordinary project
Tomáš Grim

A Nighttime “Bird Detective”

Nature in Prague - special category announced by the City of Prague
1st place: Lukáš Veselý

An Encounter on Prague’s Kamýk Hill

2nd place: Peter Čech

Dance of the Birds

3rd place: Tomáš Krist

A Wild Rush in the Hvězda Preserve

Magazine Lidé a země readers' award

Junior / younger students
1st place: Jonáš Nečas (10 years)

from the Experiences with Leaves series

2nd place: Jakub Jelínek (9 years)

from the Last Refreshment Before a First Flight series

3rd place: Naomi Čech (7 years)

from the Mysteries of the Ebbtide series

Junior / younger students
Special prize - the youngest participant
Anežka Veselá (5 years)

from the Rescue Station series

Junior / older students
1st place: Daniel Strnad (15 years)

A Fight for Food

2nd place: Matyáš Mutina (14 years)

On the Rails

3rd place: Adam Kőszegi (15 years)

As If Painted There

Junior / high school students
1st place: Lukáš Králíček (17 years)

Lion Emotions

2nd place: Michal Zelinka (19 years)

A Fight for Life and Death

3rd place: Max Rajsigl (17 years)

Birches and Solidago (Goldenrods)