Results 2021

For the jubilee Czech Nature Photo contest international jury chose following pictures. Number of 267 contestants submitted 2300 pictures. Children could send pictures to special catgery Czech Photo Junior. 227 students sent almost one thousand pictures. We also started new cooperation with Prague Zoo and created category Animals in their environment. All winners where announced during on-line ceremony on 10th oh May. The exhibition of winning and chosen pictures was open following day.

Donator of Grant Czech Nature Photo is Praha municipality.



Photo of the Year
Photographer of the Year: Igor Mikula

Common blackbird (Turdus merula) / Male / Czech Republic

Mammals (in the wild)
1. Michal Stoklasa


2. Jan Pavlíček

Yellow-necked mouse

3. Jan Pokluda


Birds (in the wild)
1. Ondřej Nágl


2. Michal Stoklasa


3. Ondřej Nágl

Kestrel vs. vole

Reptiles, amphibians, and underwater life (in the wild)
1. Petr Bambousek

Plumed basilisk

2. Martin Ertner

The colors of autumn and the fire salamander (Salamandra salamandra)

3. Radim Hlaváč

The frog and the mosquito

Invertebrates (insects, crustaceans, mollusks, and others – in the wild)
1. Petr Bambousek

Atta ant

2. Stanislav Macík

Eyes that are watching you

3. Vít Lukáš

The endangered king of the oak forests

Plants and fungi (in the wild)
1. Zdeněk Jakl

The lady’s slipper

2. Luboš Prchal

A loner amid the peaks of Krušné Hory

3. Vojtěch Herout

A relocated unit

1. Jiří Benda

An iceberg cavern

2. Tomáš Frolec

Passo Giau #2

3. Daniel Franc

Path to heaven

Animals in human care
1. Vít Lukáš

Egg checkup

2. Roman Jaroš

The Observer

3. Matyáš Slavík

Lupine love

Prize for the best photo of Czech nature
1. Igor Mikula

Common blackbird (Turdus merula) / Male / Czech Republic

2. Vít Lukáš


3. Igor Mikula


1. Martin Veselý, MAFRA a.s.

Closed zoo

2. Zuzana and Matej Dolinayovi

Viper scales

3. Lukáš Veselý

Trees of significance under a nighttime sky

Nature in Prague - special category announced by Prague municipality
1. Martin Divíšek, EPA

Feeding gulls by Charles Bridge

2. Michaela Pupíková


3. Viktorie Dobrobabenko

Winter walk

Animals in their environment
1. Matej Ferenčík


2. Jan Stria

The vacuum cleaner of the sea

3. Jiří Hřebíček

An inquiet sea

Junior (5 to 10 years)
1. Michal Vaicenbacher (7 years)

Eurasian nuthatch

2. Kryštof Červinka (10 years)

Charles bridge

3. Jana Andresová (10 years)


Junior (11 to 15 years)
1. Adam Kőszegi (14 years)

The hunt

2. Kristýna Coufalová (15 years)

A glance from a frog

3. Eva Svrčková (14 years)

Wasp spider

Junior (15 to 18 years)
1. Michal Vais (18 years)

The time bomb

2. Ondřej Labaš (17 years)

In the shadow of the forest

3. Jana Chalupníková (18 years)

There are paths we cannot see

Magazine Lidé a Země readers' award
Vít Lukáš

The endangered king of the oak forests