Loan of exhibitions

A few thousand photographs in comprehensive sets can be loaned out from the Czech Photo Centre’s modern archive, or an entirely unique collection can be arranged which has hitherto never been exhibited.

List of exhibitions for hire.

To name a few examples – Václav Havel in CPP photographs, The Olympics in CPP photographs, the Beauty of Nature in CPP photographs. You can also put together a collection from a number of years containing the work of one or a number of authors who are regular contest participants – Joe Klamar, Jan Šibík, Václav Šilha, Petr Bambousek and other photographers.

Who may be interested?

Exhibitions can be loaned not just to galleries, universities and libraries, but also to photography clubs, shopping centres and other entities.

How to do it?

If you choose from our own portfolio, the detailed description of each collection includes the number of photographs it contains, what size they are and all other information you need.

It is easy to loan out an exhibition; simply call, write or just pop in.

Terms and conditions are agreed upon separately for each loan. The handling fee is based on the size of the collection, whether the collection is assembled or whether a curator needs to assemble it, and it also depends on the period of time of the loan, and whether frames are also loaned. We are happy to accommodate any further requests you may have.