Jury 2023

PETR MLCH, president of the jury, chiefeditor of Czech news agency's photobank, CZECH REPUBLIC

During his fifth-year studies at The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering CTU in Prague in 1999, he began working at the Czech News Agency’s pictorial-reporting editorial department. Until 2006 he worked at this agency as a pictorial-reporting editor at the news desk; later he worked as the deputy editor in chief, on a number of projects that increased the speed and quality of the Agency’s news photography, including the building of a new online portal for the Agency. In 2008 he took over the leadership of its Pictorial Reporting Editorial Department. Besides work caring for the Agency’s archive, he has negotiated cooperation with a number of foreign and domestic partners, including the exclusive partner Associated Press. Under his leadership, the photo bank has begun orienting itself towards such projects as exhibitions, book publications, photo preparation, and photography to order. He was present at the Agency’s first exhibition, in 2012, as one of the exhibitors. This exhibition, organized on the occasion of the death of president Václav Havel, was later displayed at Prague’s airport to celebrate its renaming from Ruzyně Airport to Václav Havel Airport Prague. Other significant exhibition projects by Mlch have included a retrospective exhibition of Jovan Dezort including a book publication, a traveling outdoor exhibition upon the tenth anniversary of the Czech Republic’s accession to the EU, and Pilsen Family Photo Album — a pair of exhibitions held as a part of Pilsen European Capital of Culture 2015.

ADRIAN EVANS, director of Panos Pictures, GREAT BRITAIN

Adrian Evans was born in Great Britain. He studied art history at the University of York. He worked for three years as a freelance graphic artist and then began working with photography at the archives of the Hutchison agency. In 1990 he became the director of Panos Pictures, and seven years later, he purchased a majority share in that agency. Under his leadership, Panos Pictures has become a major agency specialized in socially engaged photojournalism. Adrian Evans is the author of a number of major photo projects, with topics ranging from professional cycling in Belgium to modern-day slavery in Britain. He is also a jury member for many contests, including World Press Photo, China International Press Photo Contest, Russia’s Press Photo, and the Czech Republic’s Czech Press Photo. Meanwhile, he is a visual communication consultant for non-governmental organizations, and provides lectures on this same topic at the London College of Communication, University of Westminster, and London School of Economics.

NICK HANNES, photographer of Panos Pictures, BELGIUM

is a documentary photographer based in Ranst, Belgium. His photography reflects on major contemporary themes such as migration, globalization, urbanization and crisis. Hannes is represented by Panos Pictures. After obtaining a master’s degree in photography at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts (KASK) in Ghent in 1997, Hannes worked as a photojournalist for eight years, after which he decided to fully concentrate on self-initiated documentary projects. Since 2008, he has taught documentary photography at KASK/The School of Arts in Ghent, Belgium. Hannes has published four books: Red Journey (2009) which deals with the transitional phase in post-Soviet society; Mediterranean. The Continuity of Man (2014) which focuses on various contemporary issues such as mass-tourism, migration and crisis in the Mediterranean region; Garden of Delight (2018) which showcases Dubai as the ultimate playground of globalization and capitalism, and raises questions about authenticity and sustainability; An Unexpected Lesson in Joy (2020), a visual diary of the photographer’s family life during the COVID lockdown. Garden of Delight was awarded the Magnum Photography Award in 2017 and the Zeiss Photography Award in 2018. Nick is currently working on his 5th book, ‘New Capital’, a documentary on six new capital cities around the world. In 2023 he received a World Press Photo Award for his work about the new capital of Egypt.


Dana studied French and Russian at the Faculty of Arts of Charles University in Prague (1979). She worked at the Department of Languages of the Czech Technical University’s Faculty of Mechanical Engineering for ten years, then following the Velvet Revolution in November 1989 she moved to the Language Department at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. She has been a freelance photographer since 1992. She lives in Prague. She began taking photographs at the age of eighteen, and has always focused on black and white humanist photography. She has organised a number of exhibitions at home and abroad, and has published eight books featuring her works: Nepolepšitelná víra v lepší budoucnost/An Incorrigible Faith in a Better Future (1998), Per musicam aequo (1998), Žena mezi vdechnutím a vydechnutím/Woman between Inhalation and Exhalation (2002), Odchod sovětských vojsk z Československa/Departure of the Soviet Troops from Czechoslovakia (2003), Podkarpatská Rus/Carpathian Ruthenia (2007), Algerie-Togo/Algeria-Togo (2009), together with her mother Libuše, Rituály normalizace / Československo 70. - 80. Let/Normalisation Rituals/Czechoslovakia 1970s-1980s (2011) and Rusové… jejich ikony a touhy/Russians… their Icons and Desires (2015). She has won a number of awards in photography contests: 1995-1999 Czech Press Photo (total of 7 awards), 1998 – main prize in the national round of the Fujifilm Euro Press Photo Awards (representing the Czech Republic in February 1999 at the European round in London), 2006 – Grant hlavního města Prahy/Prague Grant (for a series of photographs of a Russian Orthodox pilgrimage), in which she captured the lives of the Prague homeless community. As well as her own photography, in recent years she has also begun to focus on curation and organisation within photography. She is the author of the monograph Miloň Novotný (2000), and the publications 1945 Osvobození … 1968 Okupace / Sovětská vojska v Československu/1945 Liberation … 1968 Occupation / Soviet Troops in Czechoslovakia (2008) and Jan Palach 16.-25.1.1969 (2009). The Association of Professional Photographers of the Czech Republic awarded her the title of “2008 Personality of Czech Photography” for her work as curator.


Filip has been an official photographer for the international news agency, the European Pressphoto Agency (EPA) for over 14 years. He currently works for the EPA in Berlin. He covers the main news and sports events in Germany and other countries in the world for the press agency. Filip was particularly focused on freelance documentary making in 1999 – 2009, when he turned his attention to remote areas of Siberia and former Soviet republics. He is interested in environments and changes which have impacted ordinary people from the former USSR. At the age of 23, we was chosen by the prestigious VII agency as one of the young talented photographers in Central and Eastern Europe. He has won nineteen awards in the Czech Press Photo contest, winning its main prize, Photograph of the Year, in 2014. He was nominated for the Rückblende, the German Prize for Political Photography and Caricature, in 2018.