The world is changing and so are we. Czech Press Photo is taking on a new form. This prestigious contest has new management, new face, new categories, new picture submission procedure and a new way of announcing its results. The contest strives to support young talents in their work. We aim to show that aside from all the unfolding drama, the world can also be an entertaining and amazing place.


Czech Press Photo is celebrating its 27th anniversary.This competition is constantly improving its visual face with such perks as electronic photo submission, a voting system for its jury, and programs to support the efforts of today’s young talents. Alongside major dramatic current events, it also strives to show that positive things are happening in the world.

Our goal is to provide an independent and authentic visual testimony of life as witnessed by professional Czech and Slovak photojournalists, both in the Czech Republic and abroad. The contest was launched by Daniela Mrázková in 1995 and has since been held annually. This year, we enter the 27th year. We aim to encourage authors to rise above their everyday work and offer their personal insights. We thus give them the opportunity to present works in which the mainstream media are not interested, for various reasons.

To ensure impartiality, the works are evaluated by an independent international expert jury with a different composition each year.


The now-traditional PRAGUE GRANT, a year-long creative scholarship awarded by Prague City Hall for capturing the transformations of the Czech capital, has become a kind of a “second main prize” in the contest. The grant is awarded by the Mayor of Prague in person. This has contributed to the creation of a large collection of pictures documenting Prague and its development. The Prague Grant helps both maintain a testimony of the current transformations of the city and encourage photographers to stick with Prague-related topics in the long term. After many years of existence of the grant, the City Hall has collected a set of photographs that make it possible to follow and evaluate Prague’s transformations from many different angles and points of view.

Grand holders:
  • 2020 Amos Chapple - Prague rooftop creatures (see in the gallery)
  • 2019 Jan Rasch - Prague panopticon (see in the gallery)
  • 2018 Tomáš Vocelka - Prague towers (see in the gallery)
  • 2017 Matěj Dereck Hard - My Prague Living (see in the gallery)
  • 2016 Jiří Šebek – Temples of new age (see in the gallery)
  • 2015 Frouz Martin – Repair and surveying of historical buildings in Prague (see in the gallery)
  • 2014 Glos Hynek – Disappearing industrial buildings in Prague (see in the gallery)
  • 2013 Eduard Erben – 80 and over and we still live for sport (see in the gallery)
  • 2012 Novák Tomáš – Prague outskirts
  • 2011 Dvořáková Alena, Viktor Fischer – The city and water
  • 2010 Vondrouš Roman – Prague residential estates
  • 2009 Jaroš Milan – Life for disabled people in Prague
  • 2008 Sidorják Martin – Cyclists in Prague
  • 2007 Zatorsky Jan – Living with trains
  • 2006 Kyndrová Dana – Non-profit organisations and the deprived in Prague
  • 2005 Cudlín Karel – Unconventional culture in Prague
  • 2004 Schejbal Jan – Life on the edges of Prague
  • 2003 Stein Štěpánka, Issa Salim – Prague’s Karlín district
  • 2002 Slavík Herbert – Prague personalities
  • 2001 Křenek Jiří – Suburbia
  • 2000 Kracíková Maria – Prague train stations
  • 1999 Rudinská Libuše – Different Praguers
  • 1998 Cudlín Karel – Buildings and people
  • 1997 Kuklík Karel – The city and countryside around it
  • 1996 Ságl Jan – Prague architecture
  • 1995 Kučera Jaroslav – Prague is also like this…


You will find a detailed overview of the categories and the specific rules at the Contest Rules page. Rules.


You will find a detailed overview of the categories and the specific rules at the Contest Rules page. Rules.