CZECH PHOTO is a non-profit organisation which runs the prestigious photographic contest Czech Press Photo each year, and is planning to operate the Czech Photo Centre from September 2016, a modern multipurpose exhibition space which is taking shape in Prague 5 in the Stodůlky neighbourhood, right next to Nové Butovice metro station.

CZECH PRESS PHOTO, a contest with 21 years behind it, now has a new form. It aspires to be a showcase for the extensive opportunities of contemporary photojournalism. It is a platform for publishing the personal testimonies of photographers, even those who for various reasons, and despite their importance and quality, have not yet been published in the media.

CZECH PRESS PHOTO is a platform for independent visual testimony of life. The objective of the contest and subsequent exhibition is a desire to motivate photographers to take a personal approach in their everyday work routine, and thus stimulate the development of photojournalism, along with a desire to allow the public to become eye-witnesses to events and phenomena of the year gone by.

CZECH PHOTO CENTRE is a multi-genre art space located at Nové Butovice metro station which has the ambition to become one of the most important galleries in the capital city. It provides fulfilment to young people especially, but not only them. It aims to draw ‘ordinary’ Prague citizens into the artistic process, and become a place where Prague citizens and visitors can discover the work of leading Czech and international photographers and street art installations; to create an artist’s zone outside the city centre. The exhibition space, which takes up most of the space within the project as a whole, is directly linked to a café, studio, study room, photography archives, and office facilities for Czech Photo o.p.s. and an outdoor gallery.

The centre’s activities will also include organisation of the prestigious journalism contest, Czech Press Photo, a contest which has 21 years behind it and which now has a new form..

CZECH PHOTO ARCHIVE is based on the fact thet Czech Photo o.p.s. is not just the organiser of the prestigious Czech Press Photo contest, but also the holder of its archives. The photographs are now professionally stored, but our main objective is to work with it further and provide the public with permanent access to them under the title The best of … In principle, this involves updated cross-sections of themed categories or their parts – e.g. Photograph of the Year, exhibitions of contest panel members, The Best of CPP, The Best of CPP – Major Events; The Best of CPP – the World of Sport; The Best of CPP – Mother Nature Live; The Best of CPP – Changing Prague… etc., with countless variants possible, with collection selection adjusted to this.

All photographs are prepared for loaning and travelling the nation. Do you run a gallery, museum or art space? Join us, tell us your ideas and working together we can find a solution to what photographs to show to their admirers