Winners 2019

The picture „Breakfast picnic“ of Jana Strii won The Photo of The Year. This also won The Reptiles, Amphibians and Underwater Life. All winners were announced during the ceremony on 29 April in Prague Karolinum.

The panel comprising Michal Krause, Petr Bambousek, Robin Böhnisch, Pavel Krásenský, Přemysl Rabas and Ami Vitale chose from 242 competitors who had sent over 2000 pictures.

You can also see ALL NOMINEES 2019.


The Mammals

czech nature photo nominace savci – Václav Husinec

Václav Husinec

Water buffalo highway - The water buffalo "operate" a vast network of pathways in the marshes of western Sumatra.

The Birds

czech nature photo nominace ptáci – Ondřej Nágl

Ondřej Nágl

Pelican - Photographing pelicans at the Greek lake of Kerkini will never get old. There's always something to capture and observe. During the mating season, the red beaked males look especially stunning.

The Reptiles, Amphibians and Underwater Life

czech nature photo nominace plazi obojživelníci podvodní život Jan Stria

Jan Stria

Breakfast Picnic - A bluespotted ribbontail ray having breakfast. Taken in Egypt, Red Sea.

The Invertebrates

czech nature photo nominace bezobratlí - Alexandr Štěrba

Alexandr Štěrba

Prowling - A 5mm crab spider is waiting for its prey to walk straight to it. This stance is typical for the species.

The Czech Forests

czech nature photo nominace český les – Tomáš Culka

Tomáš Culka

Labe River Waterfall - Torrential rain and cloudy skies begged us to retreat home, but when you've already travelled 150 km, you don't give up hoping for better weather. And this time around, it paid off.

Animals in human care

czech nature photo nominace zvířata v lidské péči – Tomáš Loukota

Tomáš Loukota

Visiting -These pictures were taken in March during my visit to the zoo in Wroclaw, Poland. The photograph's name is intended to make one think about who is really visiting whom.

Wildlife in Prague

czech nature photo nominace Příroda v Praze - Vít Lukáš

Vít Lukáš

Hitchcock by the Charles Bridge - Wintertime sees many seagulls and swans flocking to the center of Prague.

Best Photograph of Czech Wildlife and Countryside

czech nature photo nominace Cena za nejlepší fotografii české přírody - Zuzana Gabrielová

Zuzana Gabrielová

Gray Elegance - The grey heron in all its beauty.

Jiří Hřebíček

Series The Bird souls

Grant Czech Photo
Living Zoology

Documentary on snakes of Czech Republic

Magazine Lidé a Země's Readers Award

czech nature photo vítěz Cena čtenářů magazínu Lidé a Země - Peter Čech

Peter Čech

Sun Salutation - I had to wait almost a year for this photo. The right kind of mist with sun shining through only arrives for a few days each year, and getting a swan to cooperate as well is priceless. The hunt for this photo lasted three consecutive mornings, with the third time providing the misty charm.

Special award of National museum of agriculture

czech nature photo vítěz Cena čtenářů magazínu Lidé a Země - Peter Čech

Vladimír Čech jr.

Foxy Lady - A red fox photographed by a DYI photo trap at the edge of the Upper Palatine ("Bohemian") Forest. At first it seems like a simple picture, but then you see how several elements worked out by chance to produce the perfect shot. A shy predator with its paw lifted amid an elegant walk over a natural bridge, and a nearly perfect half-frozen brook, with gentle snowfall completing the scene.