Nominations 2019

Of 2 259 photographs, we now know the Czech Nature Photo nominations. The international expert judging panel selected nominations for a total of eight basic categories for the Czech Nature Photo contest. Additionally, there are the new categories of Series, and Czech Photo Grant. 242 Czech and Slovak photographers entered the contest. The official announcement and prize-giving ceremony will take place in Prague Karolinum on 29 April 2019.

K soutěži bude vydán katalog oceněných a vybraných snímků.

Czech Nature Photo recieved Grant from the city of Prague.


Nominated photography

The Mammals
Václav Husinec

Water buffalo highway - The water buffalo "operate" a vast network of pathways in the marshes of western Sumatra.

Robert Javorský

Greater Short-nosed Fruit Bats - Walking around, I noticed droppings and fruit remains on the ground. Without that clue, I would not have noticed the bat colony at all. They were resting so quietly. Taken in Baan Salak Phet village, Ko Chang Island, Thailand.

George Karbus

Surfers in the Pacific - Sea lions playing in the waves off the coast of California.

The Birds
Radim Hlaváč

Bearded Reedling - Bearded reedling on Milada Lake near Chabařovice.

Ondřej Nágl

Pelican - Photographing pelicans at the Greek lake of Kerkini will never get old. There's always something to capture and observe. During the mating season, the red beaked males look especially stunning.

Radomír Šálek

Great Egret - A great egret photographed on a misty lake—in the České Budějovice region.

The Reptiles, Amphibians and Underwater Life
Ondřej Pelánek

Still Life in a Lagoon - The spectacled caiman in a lagoon in Costa Rica.

Jan Stria

Bathing in Light - The green sea turtle grazing in the morning. Taken in Egypt, Red Sea.

Jan Stria

Breakfast Picnic - A bluespotted ribbontail ray having breakfast. Taken in Egypt, Red Sea.

The Invertebrates
Iva Dufková

Lost in Hydrangea - I have fallen passionately in love with photographing ants.

Iva Dufková

A Backlit Spiral - This little snail looked like a jewel. I was lucky to get such good light.

Alexandr Štěrba

Prowling - A 5mm crab spider is waiting for its prey to walk straight to it. This stance is typical for the species.

The Czech Forests
Oliver Beneš

Frozen Eclipse - A photo of the January lunar eclipse. The weather was great, the skies were perfectly clear, and within a few minutes we saw hundreds of stars and a blood moon over the western horizon. The icy statues in the foreground are trees covered by a thick layer of ice and snow due to the low temperatures and strong winds. This photo is not a montage; we simply made use of a parallax mount.

Tomáš Culka

Labe River Waterfall - Torrential rain and cloudy skies begged us to retreat home, but when you've already travelled 150 km, you don't give up hoping for better weather. And this time around, it paid off.

Jan Stria

Leaving the Shell - A snowdrop growing out of a cracked shell—central Bohemia.

Animals in human care
Vladimír Čech ml.

Kala - A complicated surgery for Kala, the Indian elephant at the Ústí nad Labem zoo. Kala's left front foot had been hurting for a long time. The long-anticipated surgery took about an hour and went smoothly, with an optimistic forecast for the days, weeks, and months following it. A big thank you and much respect to the whole team of doctors and assistants, with experts from the local zoo, the Prague zoo, and the the Liberec zoo. Update: Unfortunately, Kala's health worsened again, and thus on February 4th, 2019, the hardest of all the world's decisions had to be made. We will miss you, Kala.

Jiří Hřebíček

Flamingo - A flamingo running away during a typical commotion in the flock at her zoo.

Tomáš Loukota

Visiting -These pictures were taken in March during my visit to the zoo in Wroclaw, Poland. The photograph's name is intended to make one think about who is really visiting whom.

Wildlife in Prague
Peter Čech

Sun Salutation - I had to wait almost a year for this photo. The right kind of mist with sun shining through only arrives for a few days each year, and getting a swan to cooperate as well is priceless. The hunt for this photo lasted three consecutive mornings, with the third time providing the misty charm.

Vít Lukáš

Nutrias in Prague—Tourists Rejoice, Environmentalists Despair - Visitors to Prague surely find the nutria quite cute, as these rodents will let you feed them, and sometimes even pet them. However, they are not such great news for the environment. They are not indigenous, and nutria overpopulation is devastating the banks and vegetation of Prague's rivers and streams.

Vít Lukáš

Hitchcock by the Charles Bridge - Wintertime sees many seagulls and swans flocking to the center of Prague.

Best Photograph of Czech Wildlife and Countryside
Václav Bystřický

Deep in Thought - A young roe in a crimson clover field. Roe deer, Czech Republic.

Zuzana Gabrielová

Gray Elegance - The grey heron in all its beauty.

Adam Šťastný

Kingfisher - The crown jewel of the Prague Zoo. This kingfisher has free reign of the place, and it has become extremely popular, especially among wildlife photographers. No wonder, as it's simply stunning.

Winner of Series
Jiří Hřebíček

Series The Bird soul

Winners of Czech Photo Grant
Zuzana a Matej Dolinyovi

Documentary on snakes of Czech Republic