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Foto Měsíce

Johnny Depp in Vary

“I try to go to the festival in Karlovy Vary every year, although unfortunately I can’t always make it. When I found out that Johnny Depp was going this year as a guest, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. Depp is exceptionally interesting for the media due to his acting career and life story. His charisma did not disappoint me, nor the hundreds of visitors awaiting him,” summarises the author.

Petr David Josek, AP

Petr David Josek works for the Associated Press, covering events in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. He has taken photos of major sporting events, including five Olympic Games, three football world cups and many more. He has also portrayed wars in Iraq and East Ukraine, civil unrest in Hungary, Turkey, Prague and many other major news events. In Prague, he works as part of the so-called Cross-Format Team collaborating closely on text and video. He has received 15 Czech Press Photo awards.

Photo: Petr Josek, AP

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