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Fotografie měsíce

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Foto Měsíce


“This series came about in the early hours of Saturday 25 June 2021 in a number of Moravian villages which were hit by an unusually strong tornado. The first information about it appeared in the media and on social networks on Friday at around nine in the evening. It was immediately evident that it was a major natural disaster. It was clear to me that I needed to pack my stuff immediately and get to the site of these events as soon as I could. The public needed to be told of the extent of the damages the storm had inflicted. I also hoped that perhaps my reports might make people decide to make donations to provide relief. While it isn’t easy to record the emotions of people who have lost everything, I still believe that it is very important to publish photographs showing the consequences of these disasters,” says the author.

David W Černý

David W Černý has been a professional photographer for over 27 years. His first published photographs were printed in 1993 in the newspaper Expres. He worked there as a sports photographer before joining ČTK (the Czech News Agency) where he covered political, cultural and sports events across Europe for four years. Beginning in 1998, he worked as a freelance photographer, mainly documenting fashion, sport, films and entrepreneurs. He was also the official photographer for the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival for twenty years. Since 2003, he has worked for the international agency Reuters.

Photo: David W Černý / Reuters

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