Czech Nature Photo - The Jury Show

4.7. - 31.8.2019

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Seydlerova 2835/4
Praha 5 (Nové Butovice)
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The exhibition “Czech Nature Photo – The Jury Show” presents works of jury members for the first three years of the contest of the same name. It presents a unique insight into each of the authors’ nature photography style in a wide range of themes from macro pictures to photographs of animals from the remotest corners of this planet to sets documenting nature conservation projects.

Fotografie května Czech Photo

“For the third year now, the photography contest Czech Nature Photo has been a platform introducing the general public to nature’s beauty captured by lenses of Czech and Slovak photographers. We always try to accompany the contest with a number of additional themed activities, such as travelling exhibitions each year and the periodic cycle of lectures Month of Nature at the Czech Photo Centre. This year, the programme is accompanied by an exhibition of works by jury members for the past three years. Personally I am very glad for it, because it brings a varied and interesting demonstration of styles and approaches to nature photography by Czech and international photographers. With their pictures, they introduce places that are not easy to see, fascinating beings that live there as well as people’s efforts to protect wildlife and conserve it for future generations.” Michal Krause, Chairman of the Jury, Czech Nature Photo


Czech Nature Photo - The Jury Show
Authors: Petr Bambousek, Václav Šilha, Miroslav Bobek, Pavel Krásenský, Rostislav Stach, Veronika Souralová and Michal Krause
Place: Old Town Hall, Old Town Square 3/1, Prague 1
Dauration: 4.7. - 31.8.2019
Opening hours: Mon - Sun: 10 - 19
Entrance fee: 150 CZK / 80 CZK

Main photo: Miroslav Bobek

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