Dan Vojtěch

Dan Vojtěch - Sports Photography

13.6. - 11.8.2019

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Dan Vojtěch's exhibition is full of amazing sports photographs with great production. He photographs for Red Bull and has many achievemnts in photo contests around the world.

Dan Vojtěch


People ask me why I became a photographer.

Flash! First memory – I’m holding my dad’s old camera and I can’t shake the impression that this thing is magically attracting me. I bought my first film. Black and white. And it didn’t let go of me. Once I put in the film, there was no way back.

Click! I’m standing in the Arizona desert, the sun is setting, the shadows are stretching out and future X-Games gold medallist, Libor Podmol, is hurtling towards the huge jump. I’ve been in the United States taking photos of the best freestyle motocross riders for two months. The documentary Tomorrow Will Be Better will come out of my journey, going into American distribution two years later.

Flash! I’m upside down. I’m sitting strapped into an XA42 special of the Czech aerobatics group Flying Bulls. I’m taking photos of planes from a plane. Somewhere in the distance the sun is falling into clouds. I close my eyes. I’m using a remote flash. Despite the thrill of the speed and the G-forces, it is infinitely calming.

Click! I’m picking up the top prize in Hong Kong in the Red Bull Illume contest in the New Creativity category. I’ve been focusing on creative projects my whole life, and it seems that thanks to my photo of double world champion in Four-Cross, Tomáš Slavík, it’s finally paid off. My black-and-white enlargement is exhibited at the Avenue of Star in Hong Kong and is then travelling to other famous places across the planet.

Flash! Flag Square in Baku, Azerbaijan. The unearthly silence is cut through by David Coulthard’s F1 RB7 racing car. It’s just him, his team, me and my Nikon. A little later, I take a photo of the 13-times Grand Prix champion in evening dress with a glass of whisky – what else but Scotch.

Click! “Everyone to their places, let’s go!” I announce into the radio. Cutting-edge pilot and winner of the fastest Red Bull Air Race motor sport, Martin Šonka, is flying his plane at full speed, and he zooms just a few metres off the ground at full speed around a forest of lights which shine on him for a fraction of a second and make a record on the chip on my device. After a few attempts, I’m finally satisfied. “Good job, Martin, you can land!”


Dan Vojtěch - Sports Photography
Authors: Dan Vojtěch
Place: Czech Photo Centre
Dauration: 13.6. - 11.8.2019
Opening hours: Tue - Fri: 11 - 18 / Sat - Sun: 10 - 18
Entrance fee: 80 CZK / 40 CZK

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