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Advertising and business notifications

Terms and specifications for sending advertising and business notifications:

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  • By agreeing to receive advertising and commercial notifications, you agree to allow the company to inform you of business opportunities and offers relevant to your expressed interest.
  • You can withdraw your consent at any time for a maximum of 10 years, after which it will end unless, in the meantime, you have not renewed it by registering again.
  • Approval does not entitle the company to send you advertising messages and third-party business offers.
  • You can revoke it by email to, by post to the address of the company's registered office, or in the same way as you provided it.
  • In the case of newsletter subscriptions, click the "log out" link in the footer of the email or reply to the sender's email.
  • How do we send a business notification?

    TOur company strives to be as transparent as possible in the use of advertising tools. We always send only information related to the projects and offers you have expressed interest in. The most common form of communication is email. If you request a business offer, we can contact you on the telephone number that you have volunteered to provide for this purpos. If you communicated with us via Facebook or Messenger, we can contact you on these platforms. In special situations, and when appropriate, we can contact you in writing, for example when sending birthday or Christmas wishes, etc. All personal and contact information you provide us is protected by law and we handle it in accordance with the GDPR and by complying with the requirements of ISO 27 001 Information Security Management System.he new Centre archive aims to systematically archive and thus preserve for the future not just the winning and other selected works from the CZECH PRESS PHOTO contests and exhibitions, but also the most distinctive works of contemporary authors. This marks it out from current institutional collections focused almost exclusively on previous generations of photographers. In future, the centre is considering implementing a data store, which would be invaluable for contemporary photographers.