Winners 2017

Photograph of the Year in Czech Nature Photo’s pilot year is Stanislav Macík’s picture, Awaiting the Night. This also won the Mammals category. The other main category winners were Jiří Hřebíček, Rostislav Štefánek, Petr Bambousek, Jan Bainar, Zdeněk Dvořák and Roman Šimek

The panel comprising Michal Krause, Miroslav Bobek, Rostislav Stach and Veronika Souralová chose from 467 competitors who had sent 3140 pictures. 21 photographers made it to the shortlist, whom you can view in this year’s nominations.

CA catalogue was published for the contest which you can purchase in the Czech Photo Centre.

Stanislav Macík

Stanislav Macík - Awaiting the night. Groups of Egyptian fruit bats, Rousettus aegyptiacus, are just waking up. Senegal, Mbos

Jiří Hřebíček

Jiří Hřebíček - A gull captured while flying out of the dark depths of a Norwegian fjord. Norway, Lauvsnes

Reptiles, amphibians and underwater life
Rostislav Štefánek

Rostislav Štefánek - Spring romance for the common toad. Our largest frog, the Common Toad, most commonly intertwines a chain of its eggs within flooded grass, roots and fallen branches. This creates a beautiful underwater web. Czech Republic, Jakartovice

Petr Bambousek

Petr Bambousek - Gasteracantha. The Gasteracantha genus is one of the most attractive spiders in Borneo. Their spiny bodies attract attention and mean you can see how they repair their web after a successful hunt. Malaysia, Sepilok.

Czech forests
Jan Bainar

Jan Bainar - Frozen trees. Temperatures of around zero, wind and low cloud have left this incredible frost on the trees. Czech Republic, Trojanovice

Czech farmland and rural areas
Zdeněk Dvořák

Zdeněk Dvořák - When the water boils… Picture taken during the morning carp harvesting at the Castle Pond in Jaroslavice. Czech Republic, Jaroslavice, Mlýnská

Animals in human care
Roman Šimek

Roman Šimek - Richard the gorilla. Czech Republic, Prague, Prague Zoo