This year’s Czech Nature Photo contest begins


Applicants will be able to begin registering for this year’s annual Czech Nature Photo contest from Thursday 18 January. It is planned that results, which will be decided upon by an expert panel, will be announced and prizes awarded on 19 April. Last year, almost 500 photographers took part in the contest’s pilot year, submitting over 3 thousand pictures.

The Czech Nature Photo pilot year demonstrated that wildlife and nature photographs are a strong point for domestic photography. The interest of visitors in the associated exhibition also exceeded our original expectations. This year, photographers will be able to apply until 18 February,” says Veronika Souralová, Director of Czech Nature Photo. The work of Czech and Slovak photographers showing wildlife and nature both in the Czech Republic and elsewhere in the world can be sent from Thursday 18 January using the website Přihláška 2018.

This year’s Czech Nature Photo contest will include eight basic categories. New this year is the special category, Natural World in Prague, which is announced by the City of Prague Council. This will be joined by the proven categories Invertebrates, Czech farmland and rural areas, Czech forests, Reptiles, amphibians and underwater life, Birds, Mammals and Animals in human care. In addition, this year the best photograph of the Czech natural world will win a prize.

Nominations in each category will be announced on Thursday 12 March. This year’s panel, which will be led by photographer Michal Krause, will include an international member – Spanish biologist and excellent wildlife photographer Javier Aznar González de Rueda. The Czech panellists will include Miroslav Bobek, Director of Prague Zoo, Petr Bambousek who holds prestigious Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Sony World Photography Awards and Czech Press Photo awards, and Václav Šilha, whose current exhibition, Na vlnách fotografie (On the Waves of Photography), begins in the Czech Photo Centre gallery on Thursday 18 January.

“The first exhibition held this year in the Czech Photo Centre heralds the beginning of this year’s Czech Nature Photo contest. Václav Silha is a respected and award-winning photographer not only domestically, but also abroad. He is also the joint author of a number of books which showcase wildlife and nature in various corners of the planet,” adds Souralová.

Last year, 467 photographers took part in the Czech Nature Photo contest. The expert panel chose from a total of 3 140 photographs. This year, the results ceremony will be taking place on 19 April within the Czech Photo Centre, where an exhibition of nominated and other selected photographs from this year’s contest will also be taking place from 5 April until 13 May. The exhibition will then be on display at other sites throughout the Czech Republic.

The partners of this year’s Czech Nature Photo contest are the City of Prague Council, Lesy ČR, Prague Zoo, the National Agricultural Museum and Krkonoše National Park. The principal commercial partner is Olympus, along with Trigema, CEWE Color, Rückl glassworks, Nielsen, and Fujifilm. Our principal media partner is Czech Radio 1 Radiožurnál.

Photographs: Winners of last year’s Czech Nature Photo contest + Václav Šilha photographs from the arranged exhibition taking place in the Czech Photo Centre which heralds this year’s Czech Nature Photo

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Intro photo: Jiří Hřebíček
Source of photographs: Czech Nature Photo

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