Nominated Czech Nature Photo 2017 pictures


The prize-nominated pictures have now been selected for Czech Nature Photo from over 3000 submissions. The expert panel at the Czech Nature Photo contest, which awards prizes to the best wildlife and nature photos from domestic photographers, has selected nominations for seven categories from 3 140 submitted photographs. An exhibition of the best pictures will take place over the summer, and the winners of each category and overall winner will be chosen in September.

467 wildlife and nature photographers took part in Czech Nature Photo’s pilot year, having sent the panel over 3000 pictures between 5 April and 14 May. The photographers submitted their images within the following categories: Invertebrates; Czech farmland and rural areas; Czech forests; Reptiles, amphibians and underwater life; Birds; Mammals; and Animals in human care. The contest is designed for both professionals and advanced amateur photographers.

The panel comprises renowned wildlife photographers of many years’ standing Michal Krause and Rostislav Stach, who have also won prizes in the Czech Press Photo contest, alongside Veronika Souralová, director of the Czech Press Photo contest and Czech Photo Centre multi-genre centre, and Miroslav Bobek, Prague Zoo director.

“We were surprised by the great interest aroused by Czech Nature Photo. It is clear that wildlife and nature photographs are a strength of local photography. It is no coincidence that many of our photographers are also renowned abroad. Pictures showing problems of environmental destruction, and contrasts between the wilderness and encroaching civilisation often win Czech Press Photo. This is fair and part of a journalism contest, but it certainly doesn’t cover the whole spectrum of wildlife and nature photography,” explains Souralová.

During the summer, the nominated pictures will be exhibited in Prague Zoo, then from 14 August to 3 September within the multi-genre Czech Photo Centre at Nové Butovice metro station – the Public Award will be voted for at both sites. The official results will be announced and all prizes awarded on 21 September in the Czech Photo Centre.

A pilot exhibition of the work of the best domestic wildlife and nature photographers took place as part of the Czech Nature Photo project between 4 April and 15 May. The exhibited photographers hold a wide range of domestic and international awards - Petr Bambousek, Michal Krause, Dan Materna, Ondřej Prosický, Rostislav Stach and Václav Šilha.

“The Czech Nature Photo spring exhibition saw unprecedented visitor numbers. It is clear that people are interested in superior nature and wildlife photographs, especially in cities where the countryside is in short supply,” adds Souralová.

ZdPhotography source: Czech Photo Centre

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