Nature Month at Czech Photo Centre


The best Czech photographers who focus on nature and wildlife will be exhibited at the multi-genre Czech Photo Centre from 4 April to 14 May. Artists at the Czech Nature Photo exhibition will include holders of a wide range of domestic and international awards - Petr Bambousek, Michal Krause, Dan Materna, Ondřej Prosický, Rostislav Stach and Václav Šilha.

‘In conjunction with the prestigious Czech Press Photo contest which we organise, we are also bringing together the best Czech and Slovak wildlife photographers. We are convinced of the necessity of looking after the countryside and nature. As such, we aim to do our utmost in the long-term to ensure people realise from childhood that they are a part of nature, that they can see its beauty for themselves and create a strong positive relationship with it. Through photography, we want to convey the message that we are all responsible for nature and the countryside everywhere on this planet,’ says Veronika Souralová, Czech Press Photo contest director and also head of the Czech Photo Centre, of the Czech Nature Photo project. The exhibition is held under the auspices of the Ministry of Agriculture, with the National Museum of Agriculture as its joint organiser, and Lesy ČR (Forests of the Czech Republic) and Olympus as main partners.

All the artists who are being showcased in spring with around 60 photos at the Czech Photo Centre have won many international and Czech Press Photo awards. Dan Materna is the author of an image which won the 2007 Photograph of the Year award. Petr Bambousek was a finalist in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2015 contest. His photograph was seen in every corner of London on promotional material about the contest.

Thus in Nové Butovice, the work of six Czech photographers who have literally travelled the whole world will showcase the beauty and diversity of wildlife. And it is this idea which stands behind the key concept of Czech Nature Photo. You will be taken to every continent on our planet through photography, and so you can admire the icy beauty of Antarctica and the Arctic, the bountiful jungles and forests of Asia and South America, the scorched African plains and you can also enjoy the charms of European and local nature. You can now discover and admire all this in one place.

The diversity of wildlife showcased by the photography is matched by the variety of approaches and themes chosen by each of the authors. Dan Materna showcases the Czech forest and its king in particular – stags. Rostislav Stach focuses on a similar area, having photographed probably everything than runs and flies in our own country, but having also fallen in love with the untamed beauty of North America, somewhere he regularly returns to. Václav Šilha’s adventurous nature led him and his camera to Africa and then to all the other continents, including three sailings to the gates of paradise, meaning we too can behold the inhospitable yet nevertheless (or perhaps and therefore) fascinating landscapes of Antarctica, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands. Ondřej Prosický entices us to the icy plains on the opposite end of the globe, having repeatedly set out to the Arctic in recent years to document the life of polar bears. he is just at home in the tropics, however, as his exhibited photographs prove. Petr Bambousek has been steadily, yet always differently and using new methods each time, recording the diversity of life in the tropics, specifically the jungles and forests of Central and South America.

Over the whole time the exhibition is on show, the Czech Photo Centre will be living wildlife and nature. A complimentary programme will include guided tours for schools, books on nature for kids read by their authors and a series of public presentations by the artists

Tickets to the exhibition will cost 50 CZK, or 30 crowns for reduced entrance. Czech Photo Centre is open every day except Monday. From Tuesday to Friday always from 11.00 am to 6.00 pm, and on weekends from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm. Czech Photo Centre – Nové Butovice /wheelchair accessible/ - exit metro heading towards Poliklinika Lípa. Na zlatě 1..

Along with the opening of the Czech Nature Photo exhibition, the contest of the same name will be announced, which will be based on the many years’ tradition of the renowned Czech Press Photo contest. The Czech Nature Photo contest will be aimed at the best Czech photographers who focus on nature and wildlife photography.

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