Czech Press Photo 2022 nomination

Nominations for the 28th edition of Czech Press Photo have been announced


A total of 234 photographers submitted their images to the 28th annual Czech Press Photo competition. An international jury of experts selected the nominated photographs from more than six thousand works. Young photographers from primary and secondary schools who submitted almost 2000 photographs. Together with the nominations in the main categories, partner prizes were announced. The winners will be announced at a ceremony at the National Museum on 31 January, after which the premiere exhibition will open.

"Often Czech Press Photo is dominated by a strong theme that characterises the past year. In 2021 it was a tornado and the year before that it was a covid. Until February 24, we thought that a pandemic was the worst thing we could encounter. And we were wrong. The war in Ukraine has affected absolutely everyone and has become the focus of the competition. On the international jury with us were Ukrainian photographers Evgeniy Maloletka and Mstyslav Chernov, the last journalists to document the war in Mariupol. With their presence and Knowledge the situation in Ukraine, they were of great help to us. They knew exactly what was going on in the pictures and what the location or situation was, because they often reported from the same places. The work of the jury was challenging, but at the same time they were very well agreed on the evaluation of strong films," ," says Petr Mlch, the jury chairman.

The international jury met from 13-15 October at the Czech Photo Centre gallery and consisted of: the jury chairman - Petr Mlch, editor-in-chief of the CTK photo bank, Evgeniy Maloletka and Mstyslav Chernov, Ukrainian photographers working for AP, Czech photographer and documentary filmmaker Dana Kyndrová, EPA reportage photographer Filip Singer, Hungarian Press Photo representative Tamás Szigeti and Panos Pictures director Adrian Evans from the UK.

The Czech Press Photo 2022 competition has announced eight photographic categories: Current Affairs, Reportage, Everyday Life, Art and Culture, Sport, Portrait, People and Environment, People to Talk About. Traditionally, the annual creative scholarship Grant of Prague will be awarded. The recipient of the grant will be announced during the month of December, after the new Mayor of Prague personally selects the recipient..

"For the second year we are organising the Czech Photo Junior competition for primary and secondary school students. During the year we educate young people interested in photography in workshops Don't click, take pictures! In cooperation with professional photographers, we introduce them to the power of images and motivate them to think about the images they take every day. And we are very happy. Their competition images submitted to this year's competition have shown that a new generation of talented photographers is being born, who may one day take the awards in the Czech Press Photo competition," says Veronika Souralová, director of Czech Photo.

CZECH PRESS PHOTO 2022 nominations. In each of the eight competition categories, the jury awards three category nominations from the entries that make it to the third voting round.


Gabriel Kuchta, Deník N / Buča / single

Vojtěch Dárvík Máca, freelance photographer / Massacre in Irpin and Buca / series

Jan Zátorský, Mafra / London, Farewell to Queen Elizabeth II 1926-2022 / series


Milan Bureš, Respekt / Waiting for the train to safety / series

Lenka Klicperova, freelance photographer / Russkiy mir - suffering in Ukraine / series

Petr Topič, Mafra / Refugees from Ukraine at the main railway station / series


Jiří Šneider, freelance photographer / Hard working / series

Jarmila Štuková, freelance photographer / Operation of 18 months old Yulie from Ukraine / series

Petr Topič, Mafra / 22 February 2022, 22, 22.22 / series


Deml, ČTK / German Foreign Minister in Lidice / single

Milan Jaroš, Respekt / Andrej Babiš's campaign / series

Roman Vondrouš, ČTK / Appointment of the Prime Minister / single


Lukáš Bíba, Economia / Azyl 78 / series

Lukáš Kaboň, Deník / Colours of Ostrava 2022 / series

David Taneček, ČTK / Acoustic rehearsal / single


Michal Červený, freelance photographer / Mountain Bike World Cup 2022 / series

Petr David Josek, AP / World Swimming Championships Budapest / series

Vladimír Rys, freelance photographer / Fireworks between life and death / single


Petr David Josek, AP / The last view of the coffin with Queen Elizabeth II. / series

Jana Mensatorová, freelance photographer / When this is over. Tereza Vytlačilová's story for the website Without Phrases. / series

Michael Tomeš, freelance photographer / Martina Viktore Kopecká is one of the most visible promoters of the Christian faith in the Czech Republic. / series


Michal Fanta, HZS / Forest fire in Czech Switzerland / series

Igor Mikula, free photographer / Bohemian Switzerland - fire / single

Martin Veselý, Mafra / Metal abstraction / series

Special prizes:

The Canon Junior Award for Young Author went to Nikol Macoszková for her series The Cult of the Body. The award of the Committee of Good Will - Olga Havel Foundation went to Tomáš Řechtáček for his series Treatment of Addiction, in which he documented life in the Psychiatric Hospital in Horní Beřkovice. The award of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) went to Lukáš Kaboň for his series Humanitarian Train of Hope. The special CTK scholarship for a young author under 26 was awarded to Anna Boháčová, who captured the Happening to the Buča Massacre. In cooperation with Samsung, the prize was awarded to Martin Divíšek for his series from the Winter Olympics in Beijing.


Category younger pupils

Martin Havel / It passed through here.

Tomáš Mareš / Flyboarding show at Nepomuk Pond

Anežka Veselá / Mardi Gras

Category older pupils

Cailin Čech / Anyone here?

Štěpánka Nová / Rain

Lukáš Polanský / Service in the Cathedral of St. Vitus and St. Wenceslas

Secondary school category

Sára Burešová / From the life of a greengrocer

Hugo Kollar / Petržalka

Klára Mia Krečmerová / Documentation of a Romani funeral

Special prize: Tadeáš Kučera / Lvov

The Czech Press Photo 2022 competition and exhibition is organized by Czech Photo, o. p. s., under the auspices of the Mayor of Prague and the Minister of Culture

Ministerstvo kultury

With the financial support of the City of Prague

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General partner Trigema

Co-organiser of the exhibition: the National Museum

Partners: Koupelny Ptáček, CeWe, eContest, Siko, Renomia, Berlitz, Pictoart, Canon, Eizo, Samsung, Laufen, Nielsen, Soliter, Newton Media, VDV, UNHCR, Faculty of Social Sciences UK, APF and UAPP

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