The 28th annual Czech Press Photo kicks off with an exhibition of Ukrainian photographers Evgeniy Maloletka and Mstyslav Chernov, who documented the events of war in Mariupol to the very end.


Chernov and Maloletka took photographs of the siege of Mariupol from the very first day. Their powerful visual testimony, which appeared in media across the world, found little favour with the Russian occupiers. It demonstrated the complete opposite to what Russian propaganda was claiming. As a result, they found themselves on the Russian Army’s blacklist. At critical moments, they hid in the hospital in Mariupol disguised as doctors, from where they were then evacuated by Ukrainian soldiers. They were the last journalists in the besieged city. In October, Czech Photo is showcasing their photography from Mariupol. Both photographers are part of the 28th annual Czech Press Photo international jury, alongside other experts. Photographers can submit photos for the contest, as every year, from 1 September until 30 September via an electronic form.

The jury will comprise: Chair of the Jury – Editor in Chief of ČTK Photobank Petr Mlch, Ukrainian journalists Evgeniy Maloletka and Mstyslav Chernov, Czech photographer Dana Kyndrová, EPA photojournalist Filip Singer, Hungarian Press Photo representative Tamás Szigeti and director of Panos Pictures Adrian Evans from the UK. The international jury will be evaluating the submitted photos on 13 – 15 October at the Czech Photo Centre gallery.

The Czech Press Photo 2022 contest has opened eight photographic categories: Spot News, Reportage, Daily Life, Art and Culture, Sports, Portrait, Humans and the Environment, and People in the News. The traditional annual Prague Grant creative scholarship will also be awarded, personally chosen by the Mayor of Prague.

“The results of the contest will undoubtedly be influenced by the shocking events of war. Many Czech and Slovak photographers are documenting the war directly in Ukraine to this very day. I am very pleased that Evgeniy Maloletka and Mstyslav Chernov have agreed to be jury members and that we have managed to arrange an exhibition of their photographs, which have literally circumnavigated the globe and become lasting iconic testimony to this war,” says contest manager Dan Materna.

Once again, young photographers can take part in the Czech Photo Junior contest, designed for primary and secondary school pupils. They can compete in three age categories. Young photographers can submit their photographs up until the contest deadline of 30 September 2022. The best photographs will be assessed alongside those in the professional Czech Press Photo contest.

Photographs can be submitted for the Czech Press Photo 2022 contest during the month of September, and only electronically using the form published on the contest website. The contest is open to publishers, agencies, professional photographers, specialist schools and established freelance photographers who have permanent residence in the Czech Republic or Slovakia, and whose work is produced to be published in the media. All authors need to comply with contest rules. The entry fee for entering photography categories is 1000 CZK/39 EUR, while those under 23 need not pay a fee.

The traditional additional awards – the Canon Junior Award, UNHCR Award, PICTOART Award, Committee of Good Will –Olga Havlová “My Life with a Handicap” Award, and the Samsung Award will also be granted. A children’s jury put together by Czech Radio will also meet and choose a photograph from their own contrasting perspective.

The Czech Press Photo 2022 contest and exhibition is organised by Czech Photo, o. p. s., under the auspices of the Mayor of the City of Prague and the Minister of Culture.

General Partner: Trigema

Exhibition Co-organiser: National Museum

Partners: Ptáček Bathrooms, CeWe, eContest, Siko, Renomia, Berlitz, Pictoart, Canon, Eizo, Samsung, Laufen, Nielsen, Soliter, Newton Media, VDV, UNHCR, Charles University Faculty of Social Sciences, APF and UAPP

Main Media Partner: Czech Radio 1 – Radiožurnál

Media Partners: ČTK, Reflex, Mafra, a. s., Rádio DAB Praha, National Geographic, Prima ZOOM, Lidé a Země

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