Series of February 2021


Cows on the Run

Photo: Martin Veselý / Mafra

“It was pure fluke I got this piece,” says the author. “When I was driving across town to nursery school for my daughter, I got a report of escaped cows from the newsroom. It was on my way, so I told myself I’d go and take a quick look. It was 30 minutes until the end of nursery school. The area around the cows had been closed off by police and fire fighters, so I tried to find a place where I could get the closest to them. Fellow photographers chose the tactic of hiding behind some bins, but I probably got the closest (motto: the closer, the better the photograph). In the event of a cow attack, my emergency escape route was the ladder of the fire engine. After taking a few photographs, I had to go to the nursery school. I later found out from my fellow photographers that shortly afterwards one of the cows ran into the place I’d been taking photographs from. It was only when editing the photographs that I was pleased to notice the bullet flying from the vet’s gun. There was a little photographic luck involved in that shot,” says the author.

Martin Veselý

(*1977) in Hradec Králové. His beginnings in photography date back to 1999.
He’s been a press photographer for the MF Dnes and Lidové noviny newspapers for over nine years. He also works on his own commercial and documentary projects. Since 2014, he’s been collaborating with the Hradec Králové Region Air Ambulance Service. He has won a number of awards in the Czech Press Photo, Czech Nature Photo and Via Lucis 1989-2009 contests.
Outside of photography, his hobbies include wakeboarding, mountain biking, mountain climbing and snowboarding.

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