Photo of the Month – September – Martin Sidorják – The Fall


“I like the place where I took this photo, or rather I absolutely love it. I’ve been going here about seven years, and each year I stop by here with my camera about fifteen times. I had decided that I would check out the Prague 50 cycling race. I was expecting a long snake made up of cyclists, whom I was expecting to appear on the horizon. I was really lucky, and all the long years I’ve been visiting the place paid off for me. The cyclists all spaced out regularly suddenly broke apart as one of them fell. The moment was being watched by random passersby and a dog. I was really lucky that I didn’t have to adjust the image in any way: that’s just the way it turned out,” says the author.

Photo: Martin Sidorják

Martin Sidorják

Martin was born in 1963. He has been taking photographs since the age of 23. Initially, he worked for and was published by the newspaper Práce and the cult weekly Stadion. He currently mainly works freelance. He focuses mostly on sports photography, in particular swimming, tennis and winter sports. He has taken photographs at many international sports events, including the Olympic Games.

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