Photo of the Month, January 2021 - La Putyka Reinvigorated windows


“This photograph of acrobats and artists behind the window of one of Prague’s closed bars was taken on the evening of 21 January. It was one of the events prepared for the public in Prague by the well-known Cirk La Putyka group, who have endeavoured to return culture to the people since the start of the pandemic, and they have done this really well. They have wonderful ideas and they always come up with something brilliant. Here, La Putyka decided to play, sing and generally show off their talent and bring pleasure to the people several times in a row, doing so behind the windows of closed businesses such as bars, restaurants and shops. A few people had stopped in front of the windows, wearing masks and keeping their distance, of course, and they were enjoying the moments of the performance,” says Martin Divíšek of how the photo came about.

Photo: Martin Divíšek / EPA

Martin Divíšek

I was born in 1985 in Prague. After studying at the Communication Technology Technical School and beginning studies at college, I joined the newspaper Šíp, transferring a year later to the newly established photography department at the Deník central newsroom. I’ve also been collaborating for many years with the Czech National Ballet, and since 2017 also with the European Pressphoto Agency.

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