Photo of the month of August


On 10 August 2020, observatory staff installed models of the Earth and Moon showing accurate depictions of the surface of both bodies in Kraví hora, Brno. The public were able to view both models in close proximity at once until 16 August.

Photo: Václav Šálek / ČTK – Earth and Moon

“My task for 10 August 2020 was to take photos of the huge Earth and Moon models which were installed very close to each other by staff of Brno Observatory in Kraví hora on its grounds.

The job was clear, but the models of the Earth and Moon, created like inflated balls lit up from inside, are certainly not typical subjects for photojournalists. While they did attract hundreds of people who took snaps by the models, somewhat to my distress they willingly and quickly got out of my way so as not to “ruin the photo”. Except a photo without people is only half a photo and I needed not just the balls, but also the people looking at them in curiosity. In addition, the weather wasn’t ideal. After minutes of fruitlessly waiting for an opportunity, a young woman stepped into shot. Or rather two women. One paused at the blue planet and for a fraction of a second she got caught up in the moment. This was the right opportunity, and like a hunter I didn’t waste it,” says Václav Šálek.

Václav Šálek

A graduate of Břeclav gymnasium, Václav Šálek was born on 18 February 1973. He first held a camera at the age of eleven. Within a few years he was member of the Břeclav photography club, regularly participating in its exhibitions and taking part in photography competitions. He has been involved in photojournalism since 1993. In 1999, he established himself as permanent photographer for the newspaper Rovnost. Since 2002, his shots can be seen next to the ČTK logo. As a core photographer for the Czech News Agency, he has produced thousands of images from home and abroad.

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