Photo of the month of June


In June, the Czech Photo Administrative and Supervisory Board chose an image from a Bohemians soccer match taken by Gabriel Kuchta of Deník N.

Photo: Gabriel Kuchta / Deník N – Bohemia fans

“I was fortunate in this photo of Bohemians Praha fans on ladders. I arrived at the last match, or one of the last ones. I’d forgotten about the first one, and I hadn’t been able to go to the others. I was glad to get to take photos of the fans. At this match, they let a few fans into the stadium (as seen in the photo). The stadium’s capacity was limited, so there were still plenty of fans watching the match from a ladder. This photo was also taken from a ladder. I became a fan right at the moment a goal was scored. I snapped the first goal from the roof, and the result wasn’t what I had expected. My colleague and I took a few more photos around the stadium, and we managed to capture the third goal. In the end, Bohemians beat Jablonec 3:0,” says Gabriel Kuchta.

Gabriel Kuchta

Gabriel Kuchta has been working since autumn 2018 for the newsroom of the newly set up Deník N. Before that, he worked for Slovak newspaper SME for eight years.

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