The photojournalism competition from Czech Press Photo celebrates a quarter century

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The programming manager for World Press Photo David Campbell, the founder and chief editor for the international quarterly of photojournalism Reportage Colin Jacobson and the photographer of Iranian decent Amak Mahmoodian will be among this year's jurymen for this prestigious photography competition. The jubilee 25th Czech Press Photo 2019 tightens the rules on submission of photographs.

The jury for the photography section will include: the chairman - the Czech photographer Petr Josek, lecturer and picture editor from the VU agency, Pascal Philippe of France, the managing director for the Panos Pictures agency, Adrian Evans of Great Britain, and also Lucia Benická of Slovakia who accepted the curator's invitation. The Czech photographer Herbert Slavík will also take a seat in the panel along with Czech Press Photo's founder Daniela Mrázková and the afore mentioned David Campbell who is originally from Australia, the photographer Amak Mahmoodian and the photo-editor Colin Jacobson of Great Britain. This international panel will select the registered shots from the 10th to the 12th of October at the Czech Photo Centre gallery.

Czech Press Photo 2019’s competition will have eight photographic categories and three video categories this year. The following are the photo categories for the competition: Recent News, Reporting, Everyday Life, Art and Culture, Sport, Talked About People, Portrait, Man and His Environment and the Prague Grant. New to the categories, individual shots and series will compete together. The video section offers three categories: Recent News and Reporting, Feature and Investigation.

“For this year's jubilee, we put together a quality, professional jury and modified both the categories and the rules for its participants. The principle change is the demonstration of the participants’ professionalism in the competition. The absolute winner of the competition will receive a sculpture from the artist David Černý's workshop,” stated Veronika Souralová, the directing manager of the Czech Press Photo competition.

Individual photography and videos may be registered into the Czech Press Photo 2019 competition during the month of September, and this can only be done by entered an electronic form which has been published on the competition's site. The competition is open to publishers, agencies, professional photographers, both male and female, specialized schools and well-established free-lance photographers whose permanent residency is in the Czech Republic or Slovakia and whose work came to be for the purpose of being published in the media. The admission fee for registering into the photography category is 1,000 - CZK / 39 €, those younger than 23 years of age are not required to pay. Participation in the video category is free.

The chairman of the video panel will be the traditional director, screenwriter and producer, Josef Harvan. Olga Sommerová, the director and pedagogue, will also judge the videos as part of Josef’s team along with the cameraman Jan Vaniš, the photographer Miro Švolík and the marketing specialist Martina Hyndráková.

After the panel has met, a traditional announcement of the nomination for first place will be made in the form of a printed report. The celebratory, ceremonial presenting of awards will take place at Brožíková síň (Brožíková Hall) on Friday, the 22nd November.

Special Awards: Canon Junior Award, UNHCR Award, PICTOART Award, Committee of Goodwill – Nadace Olgy Havlové “My life with a handicap” Award, APF and ERA Award – Project 101. At the same time, the children’s panel, which has been put together by Český rozhlas (Czech Radio), will meet and select a shot based on their diverse perspective. Also, the Spectator Award will not be missed as it will be determined during the course of the exhibition.

The competition and exhibition Czech Press Photo 2019 is organized by Czech Photo, o.p.s., under the auspices of the Mayor of the Capital and the Minister of Culture.


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