The works will be evaluated in terms of their journalistic value (information value, readiness, topicality) as well as their aesthetic value. All submitted works are evaluated anonymously. The panel is entitled by a majority of votes to decide to transfer work to a different category in order to award images or to award just some images within a series, or not to award certain prizes. The right not to award prizes applies to all contest prizes.

Photo section

PETR JOSEK, photographer, CZECH REPUBLIC – Chairman

Born in Brno, Czech Republic. He arrived at the photographic profession through various jobs – camera, film and television production assistant, lab technician and photo reporter for the Czech Press Agency CTK. Reuters photographer since 1990 when he documented the dramatic events in Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia, the Baltic states, Albania, two coups in Russia and life in Iraq immediately before the fall of Saddam’s dictatorship. Recipient of several journalistic awards. The author of the best-known Photograph of the Year from the Czech Press Photo competition in 1997. He is a respected unofficial teacher of many young photographers. Member of the international jury Czech Press Photo from 2011.


Clément Saccomani (France, 1981) comes to NOOR with 15 years of international experience in the photography industry. He began working in the field as a press photographer for several years covering news, conflict and violence against women, represented by Gamma Agency. In 2009, Clément joined the staff of Magnum Photos – www.magnumphotos.com. In 2011, he was promoted to Editorial Director, developing strong, innovative strategies for visual storytelling projects for corporate clients, NGOs and international organizations. Clément's expertise embraces all aspects of creative management, from seeking out business opportunities, to overseeing the communication and dissemination of creative projects. Since Sept 2015, Clement is NOOR Managing Director – www.noorimages.com and is currently based in Amsterdam.

STEFANO CARINI, photograpfer, photoeditor and curato, ITALY

After studying photography and photojournalism, Carini worked as photo editor for NOOR Images in Amsterdam. In May 2014 he moved to Iraq where he lead Metrography, the first Iraqi photo agency until October 2015. With the photographers of the agency he has initiated Map of Displacement (http://www.mapofdisplacement.com) an interactive project that tells the stories of displaced Iraqis in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Carini has trained photographers and visual storytellers in Europe and Iraq, given lectures at different institutions across the world (including DOX in Prague, ICP, Parsons and Columbia University in New York), and curated both solo and group exhibitions. He is part of World Press Photo’s Joop Swart Masterclass nominating committee since 2014. He now lives and works in Scicli, Sicily, and he is the co-founder and director of DARST, a nomadic art studio for research and production of documentary projects.

JURAJ MRAVEC, publicist, investigative reporter, SLOVAKIA

Born in Bratislava, Slovakia. His studies in Journalism at Charles University’s Faculty of Arts and later work with this visual media for magazines led him to an interest in photography. Since 2003 he has been visiting major international photographers to hold face-to-face interviews with them and has authored an extensive series of illustrated books, Interview s fotografii. Each of the four books so far published contains 7 interviews and more than 70 examples of the photography of the specific authors (e.g. Abbas, Arnold Newman, Bruce Davidson, Elliott Erwitt, Susan Meiselas, Mary Ellen Mark, Marc Riboud, Phillip Jones Griffiths, Antonín Kratochvíl... ) With his own son, a photographer and cameraman, he was involved in authoring a two-year documentary project from the war-ravaged Donbass.


For 20 years, he worked as head of the photo section and pictorial editor of the weekly magazine Reflex. He held dozens of workshops on reportage photography both in the Czech Republic and abroad. He served as a member of juries of many prestigious photographic competitions. In addition to hundreds of reports throughout the Czech Republic, he also made some 250 trips to all corners of the world. In the different categories of the Czech Press Photo contest, he won as many as four dozen awards and two main prizes. He received the WORLD PRESS PHOTO Award in 2004. On three occasions, he won the Fuji Press Photographer award. Jan Šibik is the laureate of the June 1 Award, presented by the City of Pilsen for the promotion of the ideas of democracy and defense of human rights. Back in 2000, he organized the humanitarian campaign called “Podejte ruce dětem ze Sierry Leone” (Lend a Helping Hand to the Children of Sierra Leone. Five years later — in 2005 — he initiated a humanitarian campaign known as “Chci ještě žít!” (I Want to Live On), aimed at providing assistance to AIDS victims in the Ukrainian city of Odessa. To date, Jan Šibik has published three books ofphotographs: Kdyby všechny slzy světa (For All the Tears of the World) (1997), Ďábel v nás (The Devil Inside Us) (2001), and the book Stories, tracing Šibik´s work in the years 2001— 2006.

EVANS ADRIAN, director Panos Pictures, GREAT BRITAIN

Born in Britain. Adrian graduated with a BA Hons in History from York University in 1983. He worked as a freelance graphic designer for three years after college before moving into photography at the Hutchison archive. In 1990 he joined Panos Pictures as Archive Director, buying a controlling stake in the agency in 1997. Under his direction Panos Pictures has become the pre-eminent photo agency for 'concerned photojournalism', known throughout the industry for its intelligent and sensitive commentary on social issues. As director of Panos Pictures Adrian has produced numerous large-scale projects ranging in subject matter from professional cycling in Belgium to modern slavery in Britain. He has also judged numerous photo competitions including the World Press Photo (2004. 2006. 2007), the China International Press Photo Contest, Russia Press Photo and Czech Press Photo. He has acted as a consultant on visual communications to a number of NGOs and has lectured on the subject at London College of Communications, University of Westminster and London School of Economics.


In 2011, Filip Láb received his doctoral degree at the Department of Photography at the Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague.
Between 2001 and 2005, he co-operated with the Faculty of Social Sciences of Charles University as an external lecturer; from 2010, he has served as the Vice-Dean for Public Relations and deputy director of the Institute of Communication Studies and Journalism at the Faculty of Social Sciences. Since 2012, he has also chaired the Media Studies board, served as the guarantor of doctoral studies in the field of Media Studies and headed the MS Centre of Doctoral Studies. Since 2013, he has been a member of the board of the Czech Centre for Investigative Journalism.
In his education work, he specialises in visual communication, focusing especially on photography, photojournalism, theory and practice of traditional and digital photography. He is interested in the issues of transition from analogue to digital photography and its role in emerging media.


Alzbeta decided to study photography during her childhood. She graduated at the Graphic design high school in Hellichova street in Prague 1 and launched her career as photographer in Czech dailies MF DNES, Hospodarske noviny and Lidove noviny. During 2000 – 2002 she lived in USA and UK. Alzbeta has chosen documentary and reportage photography as main topic of her next career as she is interested in human lives and destinies. That´s why she travelled to divers countries and corners of the globe. She was wading through biggest land-fill in Kampuchea and oil polluted mud in Chittagong wreck cemetery, in Bangladesh, took photos of armed kids in Gaza strip, drug dealers in Cyber pass on Afghan – Pakistani border, or spend days with Nukak tribe in Columbian jungle.She was awarded at the Czech Press Photo for photos of children working in Peshawar brickworks and for series of Burma refugee camp in Bangladesh by the UN High commissioner for refugees. Recently Alzbeta works as freelance photographer for 4D agency, mainly on fashion, advertisement, portraits and documentary projects. Alzbeta´s photographs can be labelled as snapshot portraits with socio-cultural crossover and deep emotional inner evidence. Photographs carry clear author´s signature characterized by misaligned composition and stylization of the picture through reflecting materials as glass, metal or mirrors. With her photos she hints a lot, at the same time she lets many thoughts open for interpretation, challenging our imagination and allures various speculations.

Video sekce

Josef HARVAN, film director, scriptwriter and producer - Chairman

Born 18th May 1947 in Prague. In 1973 he graduated in film and television direction from FAMU. From 1974 he worked as a director for Czechoslovak Army Film, from 1985 for Kratky Film (Short Film), and in 1992 he founded his own production company, Video Golem, which was transformed to Made by Golem company in 2011. His work, distinguished by a documentarist’s promptness, lively interest in everything around him and primarily by his ability to find topics of interest and to formulate them, counts around 320 titles - films ranging from shorter than ten minutes to one hour long. He is a creator of a range of many-parts documentary series as, for example, The Story of Czech and Slovak Photography, Czechs Underground part I and II, and A Journey Towards Victory. He was awarded a number of prizes at international festivals and at home.

ALOIS FIŠÁREK, editor and university pedagogue in the field of editing

Born in Opočno in 1943. His father was Alois Fišárek, famous Czech painter and professor at the Academy of Arts in Prague. Under the influence of his family background, and having successfully completed his middle education, he moved to Prague where he graduated from FAMU’s department of film editing in 1968. Between 1965 and 1972 he worked as editor for the Czechoslovak Army Film and 1974-1996 for the Short Film company. Between 1968 and 2002 he taught at FAMU where he was head of the department of editing. Currently he teaches at the Miroslav Ondříček Academy in Písek. He was awarded the Czech Lion for his editing work on films such as Akumulátor 1, Kolja, Canary, Dark Blue World and Kuky’s Return.

MARTINA HYNDRÁKOVÁ, partner in STARLEM media agency

Martina is a marketing consultant specialising in online media communication strategies of small and medium-size companies. She is also a lecturer on presentation skills. She has, twelve years experience working, in a managerial capacity, for companies specialising in information technology. For eight years she had a successful career fighting software piracy. She studied marketing and PR communication at VSMVV. Since 2008 she has been specialising in the communication between companies and their clients through online communication. Together with her clients she has created dozens of brand identities and internet projects for companies where photographs and multimedia play a major part.

OLGA SOMMEROVÁ, documentary film director and pedagogue

Born 2nd August 1949 in Prague. Olga graduated from FAMU in documentary filmmaking. From 1991-2002 she taught at FAMU (Film and Television School of Academy of Performing Arts). In 1994 she was made Head of the Department of Documentary Film, which she held for eight years. She was confirmed a principle lecturer on the basis of her lecture Documentary Film - My Love. From 2005 to 2009 she lectured as associate professor at the Banska Bystrica Academy of Art in Slovakia. She’s made over one hundred documentary films and has been awarded more than forty prizes at international film festivals in the Czech Republic and abroad. Her films deal with social themes and interpersonal relationships, important personalities and social and artistic phenomena. She is currently the Chairwoman of the Film and Television Union (Fites) and a councillor at Prague 7 Town Hall for the Green Party.

MIRO ŠVOLÍK, photographer

Miro Svolik was born in Zlate Moravcie in Slovakia in 1960 and now lives in Prague. He studied photography for four years at the Middle Art School in Bratislava and six years at FAMU in Prague. He’s been a freelance art photographer since 1988, and since 2009 he’s been teaching at the School of Art in Bratislava, where he is the head of the Department of Creative Photography. In 1990 he was awarded the Young Photographer, Sixth Annual Infinity Awards at ICP in New York. Since 1984 he’s had around sixty solo exhibitions and participated in around 200 group exhibitions. His photographs have been shown in many European countries and in the USA. In 2005 he published a book of his black and white analogue photographs called A Journey into the Middle. He likes to photograph from a bird’s-eye perspective and makes collages and montages with his photographs. In the last five years he’s been making his photo-montages in the computer. His latest digital photographs were published in 2010 in a catalogue called Big Woman, Small Man. www.mirosvolik.cz

JAN VANIŠ, cameraman and photographer

Born in Prague in 1950. Graduated from FAMU in Prague. After finishing his studies, he worked in Kratky Film (Short Film) in Prague as a camera assistant and later as a cameraman. Since 1990 he has been freelancing for Czech Television. In 1990 he was one of the founding members of the photographic group SIGNUM. They have exhibited in Germany, France, Italy and Israel. In 1997 he made the series The Story of Czech and Slovak Photography (with director Josef Harvan); in 1996-1998 he made a seventy-seven part documentary series about Czech history, The Czech Chronicle, directed by Maxmilian Petrik. In 2000 and 2009 he made, with director Josef Harvan, a series called Underground Bohemia I-II. Between 2008 and 2010 he worked as a cameraman on the series 72 Names from Czech History – a documentary about the personalities whose names are on the fasade of the National Museum in Prague. So far, he has made over five hundred documentary films about painting, architecture, nature, aviation, education and science. A number of his films have been awarded the main prize at film festivals.