The company EMBA spol. s.r.o. It is a modern company with a tradition dating back to the 19th century. Achievement of past generations has led our company to the present days in the consolidated and confident state. Emphasis on product quality and the associated customer service and continuous effort to be one step ahead of competitors allow us to work successfully not only domestically but also in world markets. Satisfied customers are taking advantage of our products already in nearly 30 countries worldwide. Expert knowledge and high qualification of our employees are our customers the guarantee of reliability and quality both in board production and the final products designed for short- and long-term archiving. Not only provides individual products, but we always try to offer a complete solution. We think about the future and are already developing additional products to meet the needs and demands of the coming season.

The company builds its present and future on the following attributes:
1. contribute to the quality of life throughout society
2.  act ethically inside and outside the company
3. Organic utilize all resources with the least possible burden on the environment
4. meaningfully act in the interest of all customers and partners
5. monitor developments and trends in the long-term archiving and storage of documents and 

EMBA spol. s.r.o.
CZ 512 47 Paseky nad Jizerou

Tel .: +420 481 553 111
Fax: + 420481 553 163

E-mail: prodej@emba.cz